Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Someone's 5 Months Old

 Big brother wanted to help with pictures but adding accessories.
 His slap watch!
 pretty girl!
 found her toes
 and still sucks her fingers
love our Molly girl!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Logan's Birthday Questions

I plan on asking all three kids these questions every birthday.  Should be fun to see how they change from year to year.  Here's Logan's 5 year old answers.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Miss Molly at 3 months

Miss Molly has turned 3 months.  We love her more and more each day!  Her sweet smile and gentle personality have brought a sparkle to our lives daily.
Her loves:
*index finger
*her brothers, she smiles the moment they talk with her.
*being outside
*standing with mommy and daddy's help
*looking at herself

She continues to nurse every 2-3 hours and when mommy's at work takes a 4-5 oz.  bottle.  She transitioned wonderfully to hanging out at grandma and papa's house while mommy teaches.  Her personality is so easy going, not sure if that's the norm with the third or we're just lucky to have mellow kiddos. She goes to bed each night around 7:00 and normally sleeps until 2/3:00am.  Nurses and goes back to sleep until 6:30/7:00.  A few times she slept until 6:30..that was at the cabin, so maybe the altitude helped:)

The baby rolls have begun!  Love it!

Mommy has loved dressing you up, especially the fun bows!

We love your little hands.  The boys love to give you kisses on them, they love to hold them and have even tried fist pumping with you.  Your sweet fingers are still curled up, reminding us you are still so new.

We love you Molly girl!  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Project

So I pinned this idea a long time ago on Pinterest..small pictures in a large frame. I loved how many moments can be captured in one frame. I have also been thinking of a way to display my iPhone and instagram photos. Then I came across a blog a few days ago that used this pinterest idea. She included the photoshop template, so how could pass it up! I just made the first of two collages and sent it off to print in a 20x30. I used a mixture of good quality photos, iPhone pics, color and bw. Hopefully it turns out:) I'll post pics of the finished project soon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb is in Full Swing!

*walk to mt. diablo*Molly meeting my old college roommate Erica's newest little one, Elisa
*my godmother Debbi's chemo buddy*Logan having fun*the boys playing with the diaper box, who needs toys!*Verity's 5th bday party at My Gym*campout in front room
*check out my shirt*firefighter safety at Logan's preschool*the boys cooking in the play kitchen
*all cozy in the back of daddy's truck*Molly all smiles in her valentines outfit*Logan's end of the year basketball party

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our own "Backyard"

We are so lucky to live to so close to Mt. Diablo State Park. We are only about 15 minutes within walking distance of the gate. We often take weekend walks and runs to let the boys explore nature.
They love to play in the creek, pick up sticks, and search for bugs.

Jumping to the other side of the creek is a big hit as well.
Oak loves getting outdoors as well.

These boys love each other so much! I love to see them interacting. Playing outdoors is so fun for them and they seem to get along the best outside:)

Saturday was molly's first walk to the creek. Needless to say she fit right in! She loved it!

Our Little Lady at 2 Months

Two months! Our little lady is growing so fast. I can't believe you are already 10.5 weeks old. Molly Girl, Miss Molly, Molly Jean, Princess, Girlie Girl...just a few names you've been called:) You have brought so much joy to our life with your girlie cry, sweet smiles and mellow personality. You love your brothers and get the giggles when they play around you. Logan loves to hold you and James can't give you enough kisses. We laugh as we hear James call you "Miss Molly" and Logan says, "She's so cute". You love your new, pink play mat and sitting in your papasan chair. You have found your index finger, no thumb, and tend to soothe yourself with it. We've tried to give you a pacifier to replace the finger, but you aren't having it:) Being our third baby you've learned to follow along with our busy schedule of school pickup and drop off, playmates and sports. Bedtime has started to be around 8:00, right on track with your big bros. you love to kick and play in the bath each night. You'll sleep for about 6-7 hours, feed again, and go back to sleep for a few more hours. Mommy started back at work two days a week and you have taken the bottle great. Just like your brothers, you've already started baby boot camp class. You sit in the stroller with James, Logan rides his bike, all while mommy gets to workout. Daddy is smitten over you and doesn't want you to sleep in your own crib yet. He says he likes having you in our room:) You started to smile more and it brightens our day every time! We love you so much!